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IMG_5947_NoLogoUnfoldingTheStoryRoss Monteith & His Coach DJ /Clinton Fencing ClubRoss Monteith & His Coach D.D. & Club Mate/Clinton Fencing ClubHeading to 'Strip Assignments'Ross Monteith is a FOIL Fencer.Most fencers wear a PATCH on their Arms which signifies the Club which they belong to.Typical FOIL fencing uniform: 'Whites', 'Lame' Mask.Notice the 'MASK Cord'Ross wearing his GREEN Clinton Fencing Club Patch.'Double Touch'.  Nice Lunge by RossCropped shot: Tighter in on the ACTIONRoss makes the touch.  ARC of the blade is upward which is seen as a nice touch.Ross seen 'Advancing'In Foil, your only target area is the 'Lame' (silver vest) and the 'bib' of the mask