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"This is your moment in time, capture your fencing style in stunning photographs.  

Create a photo biography of your fencing journey highlighted in your 

personal FenceOgraphy."




In-Studio Photo Shoot

In-Studio photography sessions highlight the fencer in his or her best form without any visual distractions; capturing a fencers' movements and style while performing actions such as Lunges, Fleches, etc.  All photos are taken under professional studio lighting to soften skin tones and bring warmth and richness to your photographs.  Cosmetic weapons (new & unscratched) are provided.  


On-Location Photo Shoot

Find out when FenceOgraphy will be in your area photographing at a tournament and schedule to have your fencer photographed Lie On-Strip or  arrange for an On-location photo shoot at your personal location.  



Typical Photo Segments:    

 Athletic Portraitures

In-Studio Staged Action Shots    ~     Outdoor Full Action Shots

'The Everyday Athlete'     ~     'Fencing As Fashion'     ~     Sibling Fencers


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